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PADI Divemaster

Although recreational diving never gets old, you still want to seek out new thrills in the realm of diving. Khao Sok was unlike anything I have ever experienced before, full immersion into an area of untold beauty that offered my most invigorating scuba diving experience yet. Throughout the entire trip, the training, the food, the diving, a smile never left my face. To add on, Craig is perhaps the most meticulous instructor I have met, a fact well assuring considering where we are diving.

Personally the best part about the trip was that we were fully self reliant. We cared for our own equipment, filled our own tanks and were ferried around the lake on our own little long-tail. This was the first time I learned of the more technical aspects of diving, as Craig was always at hand to teach you something new.

From Temple cavern to Peter cavern, each one equally stunning. Massive underwater caverns lit up by ambient sunlight exposing stalactites and stalagmites that run for meters. The caverns were a maze of splendor mastered by massive catfish. At one point I was face to face with a 2 meter catfish! As I froze in awe and perhaps a little distressed it merely sat there. We are as new to the local wildlife and the caverns are to us, a fact which makes Khao Sok so special.
This trip was four days that made me feel truly alive. Not enough can be said of the friendliness of the family running the Khao Sok hotel we stayed at. We dove as a team, ate like kings and drank as friends. A trip I will never forget and will soon be back to repeat. Thank you especially to Craig for making this possible and Santi and Rachel for quality trip.

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Those who rely on diving to bring new visual experiences often underestimate the beauty of caverns thinking that they are just dark holes with no stunning sights; however, upon my first penetration into Temple Cave in Khao Sok National Park, I can say that I was truly struck by the sublime. Long stalactites and stalagmites dating back thousands of years shine out in beautiful green fresh water. This feeling combined with the majestic landscape of Khao Sok makes cavern diving with Ban's Tec an experience of a lifetime.

The cavern course is divided into two sections: groundwork consisting of land line drills in order to familiarize ourselves with the new challenges associated with cavern diving, and diving in the caverns where the same drills are run. The drills are fun as well as a necessary part of training.
Temple Cave is where most of the training for this course takes place. The cavern is beautiful with multiple entrances and exits, making each dive new and exciting. Learning how to dive in an overhead environment is a rewarding journey. In a cavern one can always see overhead light from the entrance; this is what distinguishes cavern from cave diving.

What really excited me during my cavern course was the technical diving equipment required for diving in overhead environments. This was the moment when I realized that I was entering into a different type of diving. I have never since looked back. Since completing my cavern course I have gone on to become a PADI Tec Deep diver and completed my Full Cave course with Ban's Tec. I recently returned from a cave diving trip in the Cenotes caves in Playa del Carmen Mexico and it was my training with Ban's Tec that allowed me to do these amazing dives.

The Ban's Tec Team will make your cavern diving experience fun, and most importantly safe. I went on both my trips to Khao Sok with Jonas and Craig. Jonas has a gift for teaching that is only matched by his diving skill and Craig has an unsurpassed knowledge of diving equipment. For all the reasons above and so many more, I encourage anyone who has an advanced level or above in diving to go to the caverns and caves in Khao Sok with Ban's Tec. I am and will remain an avid fan of Ban's Technical Diving

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PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
I highly recommend Bans Tec programs to all those interested in actually understanding the equipment their usage and how to maintain it!

As a full time PADI instructor on Koh Tao with Sunshine Dive Resort, I thought my learning days were over and my teaching days would continue to take me through this incredible lifestyle that some call a “job”. However, when I heard for the first time ever, that this diving island was offering a professionally credentialed technical operations package, I jumped at the opportunity. My goals, which were achieved through the package program, were to improve my curriculum vitae and get hands on experience with equipment, compressors and mixed gases. Nitrox, which I believe to be the air of the future, was a no brainer.

Going far beyond the minimum recommendations of time, skill and knowledge development, Bans Tec offers an intense seven day program to learn the fundamentals of equipment maintenance, compressor operation and gas blending procedures. Getting out of the classroom not only gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I was gaining indoors but it was actually fun to help fill tanks on the boat, assist the staff with equipment repairs and dive using the gas blends we mixed . As an instructor myself, I am fairly critical of teaching styles and techniques but I can honestly say that Craig was incredibly knowledgeable of these topics and approachable in his lectures and workshops.

I highly recommend Bans Tec programs to all those interested in actually understanding the equipment their usage and how to maintain it!