One of the best ways to fully immerse yourself into island life and technical diving is by joining one of our internships we have on offer here at Bans Technical Diving.

We have programs running that can take you to the pinnacle of both Recreational and Technical diving as your training will be conducted at the worlds leading Career Development Centre. So if it’s a career in diving your looking for, then choosing Bans Tec for your Internship is a smart move.

We have internships that cater to diver level and Instructor level with your training being led by some of the dive industries leading PADI and TDI Instructor Trainers.

We can run internships programs using a combination of courses from either PADI or TDI. All dependent on what ratings you wish to achieve from your internship program with us. We are truly flexible in meeting your diving ambitions by adapting our internships to meet your demands.

Listed below are some of the diver level internship programs and packages we have been utilizing over the last few years. If any of these interest you then please get in touch.

Alternatively, we can modify any of them to suit your needs.

If it’s an Instructor internship your looking for, then send us an email about your specific ambitions as a technical diving instructor and we’ll put together a package of courses to meet your needs so you get the most out of your technical diving internship with us.

Please have a look below at the numerous Dive Packages set out for you. As always (well … it should be this way) if you buy in bulk you get a discount