Our CCR programs range from the entry level Air Diluent courses to the expedition range mixed gas programs.

The courses are for the certified diver looking to advance their diver level training and equipment configurations by learning to dive a rebreather. Whether you are an avid photographer, want to experience the silence of diving a rebreather, or looking to get closer to the marine life – rebreather diving is for you.

We are able to run the PADI Recreational Rebreather courses on the Poseidon 7 & Mk6. All our technical range rebreather courses are run using the TDI diving agency. We can instruct you on 3 different expedition range rebreathers. The JJ-CCR. The Hammer-Head CCR. And the SF2 CCR.

Some of topics we cover on these programs include the complete system set up and specific CCR unit management. Managing Loop volume, Bail out drills and scenarios, diluent flushes and of course a very thorough understanding of gas physiology and how to manage it during diving.

Over the 6 days of training, you will master the foundational rebreather skills and gain the required knowledge needed to proceed then, into our mixed gas rebreather programs. Thou we do require you have the user hours needed to progress to the next level.