How to improve your employability skills

With the increasing amount of dive centers around the world and the number of new people in the diving industry, the competition to find a new job can be hard!

Being able to do a bit more than leading certified divers or teaching courses like; operating a compressors or the ability to fix a malfunctioning regulator is definitely a benefit in the job finding quest!

To meet this demand, Banstec set up a new Technical Operations Program covering all the skills needed to work in a dive center or live-a-board boat.

Let’s introduce the new TecOps program:
Banstec’s Technical Operation Program focuses on Recreational and Technical Diving equipment.
The aim of this course is to qualify an individual to work efficiently in a dive center.


Tier 1: The Essential
The first tier covers the basic qualifications needed to work in a workshop. 

Equipment Specialist:

“Review basic theory, principles and operation of regulators, tanks valves, cylinders and BCD’s. Learn the fundamentals required to become an equipment service technician.”

The course is taught over three days, with a day in the classroom and as much time as needed in the workshop. You will learn the basic theory around the Gas Laws, have an overview of the different gases we are breathing, understand the differences in design of regulators.  You will also learn how to take care of your diving equipment while gaining experience in dis-assembly, assembly as well as testing and adjusting SCUBA diving equipment.


Compressor Operator:

“Learn to use and maintain multiple compressor and air bank systems for breathing air.”

This is a two day course covering the responsibilities of the compressor operator such as; how to safely use a compressor to fill scuba tanks and how to ensure clean breathing gas.  The course covers compressor design, different models and brands available, the maintenance and care of the compressor as well as the filling rates of various models.


Nitrox Gas Blender:

“Learn to safely blend Recreational Enriched Air Nitrox and Technical Decompression Gasses up to 100% oxyen.”

Nowadays, more and more people are diving in Nitrox. Perfectly adapted for the recreational diving world, Nitrox allows a longer no-decompression bottom time and reduce the surface interval, a huge advantage for a live-a-board!  During this course you will learn how to make enriched air nitrox utilizing various blending techniques.

Over the two days course, you will understand the gases behavior and oxygen hazards, the equipment requirements to be used with high pressure oxygen, the different methods used to blend a Nitrox and lots of other technical information!


And what are the prerequisites?

The TecOps program is available to anyone with an interest for SCUBA diving equipment or resort management, you don’t need to be a diver to follow the course!

So even if you don’t like the water, but you are looking for a job in a dive center, the TecOps course can provide this opportunity!
The only pre-requisite is to be over 18 years old.