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Technical Dive Sites

There are as many reasons for technical diving as there are agencies, styles and locations. We don’t dive just for the sake of diving, we dive to explore. The best diving instructor you can get is the one that dives regularly, and is passionate about what they get the opportunity to do every day.

Wrecks, caves, reefs and walls can be accessed by entry level technical divers, as the dive sites increase in difficulty further training is required. Starting out as a recreational cavern or wreck diver is an exciting skill building experience. Completing a deep cave mission on trimix or a Rebreather is something to train for. Your choice of challenge may be motivated by several different factors; desire for skill, desire for control, exploration and excitement. Let us show you where we go… what we train for, developing our skills and strategy to be able to share our passion with you.

Some of the most exciting Technical Dive Sites in Thailand are:

Caves and Caverns in Thailand

KHAO SOK – Cheow Lan Lake Khao Sok consists of thick native rainforest, waterfalls, majestic limestone cliffs and an island stubbed lake. It is the 22nd National Park in Thailand. During your cavern and cave training you will stay at one of the floating raft house accommodations. Transportation to and from the dive sites is . . . .

Song Hong – Two Rooms Song Hong is a deep sink hole located in Thung Yai, Southern Thailand. It is a 3 hour drive from Khao Sok or a 4 hour drive from Chumphon. Song Hong is a site for experienced technical cave divers or those training as TDI Full Cave or TDI Stage Cave. . . . .

Sra Keaw Cave Sra Keaw Cave is locaed in Ao Nang, Krabi and is a Deep Cave specific location. There are two ponds located close to each other as well as a sidemount passage nearby. The two ponds link up at 68m and is possible via complex traverse. This worm hole into the earth is . . . .

Wrecks in Thailand

TRIDENT WRECK The MV Trident Wreck is located just south from Shark Island. It is one of Koh Tao’s artificial reef projects. The Trident was previously employed as a technical wreck diving live a board boat with many historical finds in the Gulf of Thailand. This is where technical diving history was created in Thailand . . . .

HTMS SATTAKUT WRECK The HTMS Sattakut was sunk 18th June 2011 and is one of the artificial reef projects on Koh Tao. She is located around 25 meters south of Hin Pee Wee and sitting at a maximum depth of 30 meters. The average depth of this site is aprox 27M so divers from the . . . .

The Unicorn Wreck The Unicorn Wreck is a 55 metre Japanese refrigerated cargo vessel sitting nearly upright only 30 minutes north of Koh Tao. The top of the bow is at 37 metres, maximum depth 50 metres. Perfect for experienced recreational divers, technical diver training or a tec day trip. The Unicorn arrived at Koh . . . .