Ban’s Technical Diving is pleased to announce our new Technical Diver Internship programs on the tropical island of Koh Tao, Thailand.  With our Industry leading technical instructors and  instructor trainers we can guarantee high quality technical training utilizing up to date training techniques and equipment developed by the world’s leading technical divers. No matter what . . . .

Here is a small note of huge appreciation and thanks. I ( Phil O’Shea) and Jimmy Chu over the past 2 months have completed PADI TEC 40, 45, 50 and Trimix 65 with Ban’s Technical Diving. We trained under Craig Werger and Chris Braissant and I have to say that the courses were fantastic. Great value for money, organized, loaded with practical training, . . . .

With the increasing amount of dive centers around the world and the number of new people in the diving industry, the competition to find a new job can be hard! Being able to do a bit more than leading certified divers or teaching courses like; operating a compressors or the ability to fix a malfunctioning . . . .

What is ASSET? ASSET (Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians) was set up in 1995 in response to concerns about the standard of maintenance in the diving industry and the ever-increasing tide of Health and Safety and consumer legislation. Aims of the Association: To educate, through high quality training courses To set training standards . . . .

Even though body positioning in the water is a topic in all entry-level diving courses it is something that is either completely overlooked or at best briefly discussed.  This is my take on configuring recreational equipment to get the most out of diving. Firstly we should look at the difference between buoyancy and trim. These . . . .

When utilizing back mounted doubles in technical diving, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding on how to handle a gas hemorrhage. If not acted upon immediately, a complete loss of back-gas is possible. Diving with doubles is a great way of increasing your gas supply, and it gives you a redundancy in case . . . .

Discussing appropriate fins here at Ban’s Tec, the conversation is brief. We have two recommendations, OMS Slipsteams and Scubapro Jet Fins. When making equipment decisions it is important to consider the function.  When it comes to fins, I would like to look at the relationship between efficiency and power. In many ways efficiency, is power. . . . .

Benefits of proper dive planning Making recreational diving more and more accessible to the public is something that always has been in the interest of the diving agencies. For most instances this is the right way forward but sometimes the quality of the course will suffer to accommodate the masses. One of the areas that . . . .

Sometimes it does not matter how cautious you are or how pristine your trim and propulsion techniques are. Fishing nets, cables, wiring, fish traps and monofilament line are a very real threat to us as divers. Wrecks tend to become littered with them after a few years at the bottom of the sea. Carrying a . . . .

To us divers one of the most important thing is being seen at the surface. It might be from our surface cover or other dive charters in the area. During open water decompression away from a mooring line this becomes even more important. There are two stages during this that you are the most vulnerable . . . .